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 How to Evaluate Sofa Beds

How to Evaluate Sofa Beds

 How to Evaluate Sofa Beds

One reason sofa beds have never gone out of style is their versatility. Ease into a cosy sofa bed to watch TV, or calm down after a hectic day. At night, toss off the cushions, tug on the sofa and turn it into a luxurious bed. Prices for sleeper sofas vary significantly, however a higher price doesn't guarantee a superior sofa, and there's no reason to strain your budget for extra features that you won't use. Evaluate sleeper sofas by considering how and when you plan to use them and how much space you have for one.

How to Find a Comfortable Sofa Bed

1 Determine if the sleeper sofa's construction justifies its price. You'll want to buy a sofa that will last many years. While more expensive, the sleeper sofas that make the best purchases have solid frames, preferably made of hardwood, and careful construction with durable materials. Stronger models have dual mattress retainers and industrial-gauge, helical springs.

2 Make sure the sofa would match your room's colour scheme. Also consider the style, pattern and fabric. For example, you wouldn't choose a leather sleeper sofa for a room steeped in colonial decor.

3 Judge the sleeper sofa's ease of operation. While still in the store, test the sofa's mechanism to determine whether it requires one or two hands to open and close.

4 Choose a sofa with an extra-firm mattress if you have a bad back or need special support. Also consider buying a sofa with angled cushions, which are especially suited for anyone with a bad back or with chronic orthopaedic injuries. Down-blend upholstery offers heavier support, while polyurethane provides moderate support.

5 Count the number of back and bottom cushions, while considering the amount of extra space in the room where you would put the sleeper sofa. You'll have to gather up the pillows once you convert the sofa into a sleeper. If you're restricted to a smaller room, a sofa with two or four rather than six or eight cushions would make a smarter purchase.

6 Assess your family's or guests’ desired sleeping arrangements. Choose a sofa that opens up to form separate twin beds if that would be preferable.

7 Study optional features to see if they fit your plans. If you plan to watch TV in bed for any length of time, choose a sleeper sofa with a double-locking TV headrest. If you enjoy talking on the phone or reading in bed while sitting up for extended periods, choose a sleeper sofa with a contoured head-tube frame, which provides maximum comfort.


For some great sofa beds, visit www.cheapbedsale.co.uk, or consider contacting the manufacturer directly rather than shopping at retail stores. Although direct purchase from the manufacturer may cost more when shipping costs are added; it allows you to find the exact sofa you are looking for.