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5 Reasons You Should Consider a Loft Conversion

5 Reasons You Should Consider a Loft Conversion

5 Reasons You Should Consider a Loft Conversion

With house prices throughout the UK on a steady rise, the cost of space is at a premium. With this in mind, many home owners are turning to loft conversions to make the most of their existing space, and maximise their investment. A loft conversion is not as expensive as most people assume, if you are considering one contact us today and we’ll be happy to give you a quote.

The type and size of loft conversion will depend on the size and shape roof you have on your house. Our surveyors can advise you of the best way to maximise your space, and in most instances the plans come as a complete surprise to home owners. You are probably able to gain a much larger and useful room that you imagine. There are a number of reasons home owners decide to convert their loft space, here are 5 reasons you should consider a loft conversion:

1. Added Value to Your Home
A loft conversion will add extra value to your home. With a properly executed conversion you can expect anywhere up to a 20% increase to the value of your home. Not only is there a financial benefit, but it’s a great selling point and will help sell your home quicker.

2. It’s Very Versatile
Depending on the size and shape of your loft space, you have quite a few different options. Some people are able to have more than one room, while others simply opt for an empty space to store items conveniently. For more information on the options, see:


It doesn’t have to be a bedroom, you can have a games room, home office, or an extra bathroom. You can get creative with the space – that’s part of the fun and appeal. It's often best to work out your budget first, then we can discuss your options accordingly.

3. Cost Effective
Converting your loft space is a much more cost effective way to gain that amount of space than adding an extension. The materials and time involved in building an extension are a lot more expensive. Also, adding an extension to your property requires planning permission, while most loft conversions do not.

There is also a great deal more disruption involved with building an extension, often requiring major adjustments to other walls in the home. A loft conversion is a lot quicker, often taking only 3-4 weeks, and it not as disruptive.

4. More Space in Your Home
This is the number one reason for people opting to have a loft conversion. Whether you are living among boxes and feeling overcrowded, or just want some extra space to enjoy – making your loft space usable gives you a lot more breathing space.

Most people are just storing unwanted items in their loft, that’s the extent of its use. Imagine having the whole area as a functioning space, with lots more storage. As it stands now it is just an underutilised area taking up space in your home.

5. It’s Easier Than You Think
Compared to the other methods of adding space to your home, loft conversions are an easy option. The space already exists, it’s just a matter of having the structure inspected and some plans drawn up. There is a chance you may need planning permission depending on the regulations in your area, so give your local council a copy of your plans to be safe.

The main considerations are the plumbing and lighting. If you want central heating or a bathroom installed in the conversion it will add to the complexity, and the cost. Additionally you may want some windows fitting into the roof, again adding to the overall work. Both of these options are perfectly reasonable however, and can be easily achieved.
If you are considering a loft conversion you can give us a call to discuss all the possible options. We have carried out hundreds of loft conversions and offer professional, no obligation advice.